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Scale your SDRs

You can't afford to waste good leads. 

The fastest way for SDR’s and BDR’s to convert conversations into meetings.

More Meetings Faster!

AI Roleplay

AI Sales Roleplay

Ramp new reps faster

Learn the talk tracks and call flow that’s unique to your business. Create hyper-realistic sales scenarios, and AI generated call scripts including objections and curve balls, so reps learn quickly. 

Pitch proficiently. Constructive AI feedback after each roleplay guiding reps on how to improve based on your evaluation criteria.

Practice makes perfect. Unlimited practice. Scripted or unscripted refining with each roleplay, until they nail it every time.

AI Power Dialer

Set more meetings faster

Handle objections and curve balls. Real-time objection responses tailored to your ICP empowering reps to handle objections live on calls. 

Build credibility. Real-time call prompts with relevant customer stories and case studies based on live conversational intelligence. 

Control the conversation. Real-time conversation guidance steers reps towards your desired call outcome. 

AI Power Dialer New Meetings
AI Email Generator

AI Email Generator 

Emails that convert faster 

Effortless Campaigns at Scale: AI provides the words your SDRs need to run hyper-targeted email campaigns at scale. No more generic emails.

Higher Open and Reply Rates: AI creates captivating sales emails tailored to your buyers, business value proposition, and call-to-action. Multiply your conversion rate.

Increase Team Productivity: You were hired to sell, not to word-craft. Free your SDRs and BDRs to focus on scaling sales motions and reaching more prospects. Get more selling time. 

What our clients say

"I’ve finally found a way to use objective roleplay to help in the hiring process"

Vice President Sales

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