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What The FCC's Ban Against AI Robocalls Means For Sales

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FCC Bans AI Robocalls

What is this all about?

Imagine: You're enjoying your coffee, and your phone buzzes with “unknown caller”. You hover over the answer button but pause...‘What if it’s important?’, you feel your stomach tighten, take a deep breath, click answer – yup ANOTHER robocall f***!  


What if this call was different? It doesn't sound like a robocall, it talks just like a person, it must be a person – wait who is this?!  


The FCC is putting the tech-savvy scammers on notice, ensuring that the warm pleasant voice at the end of the phone has a heartbeat. 


Who This Ban Is Targeting 

This decision sets a significant boundary on how AI can be leveraged in telephone outreach efforts. The FCC's initiative isn't just about reducing the annoyance of unwanted calls, it's an effort to protect consumers from misleading and potentially fraudulent interactions, which often hide behind the guise of legitimate automated calls.  


At its heart, the FCC's ban aims to protect consumer trust and privacy. By putting the brakes on AI-generated robocalls, the FCC targets the growing concern over the ease with which bad actors can deploy these technologies to deceive the public. The ability of AI to mimic human interaction makes it increasingly difficult for individuals to distinguish between genuine and automated calls. 


What Does This Mean For SDRs And Inside Sales  

This move increases the value of human interaction and transparency for the SDRs and inside sales warriors. The sales skills, resilience, and telephone acumen that you have honed will continue to be valuable. This is an opportunity to differentiate through genuine connection and engagement. 


Innovation in sales technology will still play a pivotal role in an AI-enabled future. Still, Sales teams should look towards AI solutions that enhance, rather than replace, human interactions, providing tools that support sales reps in their quest to build meaningful relationships with prospects. 


Takeaways: Genuine Human Interaction Still Counts  

In conclusion, the FCC's ban on AI-generated voices in robocalls is an invitation to up your sales game. It's a reminder that in the world of sales, genuine human connections are the game. 


This is just one of a string of AI-focused regulations that are under review by governments. The biggest example is The EU AI Act which is a comprehensive regulatory framework that aims to provide clear requirements and obligations for AI developers, deployers, and users. Expect to see more regulations coming as governments and businesses come to grips with the potential opportunities and transformation that AI will bring. 

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